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Sunday, June 3, 2012

Ha'kiv heh Yeht'es t'Nash-veh - My Life and My Truth.

Ri ki'nam-tor nash-veh tum-vel-kitaun mau svi'beyi-vesht - fai'ei zamik utvaular. Ki'nam-tor fi'ar-kadan k'ashiv -- mesakh nen-ar'kadan t'nash-veh - ki'palikau klashaun petakov sa-kan k'saktra-nosh.

Man nash-veh rihag'eslar k'yokulan -- ki'nam-tor nash-veh - du'nash uzh tevun - vo'ektaun svi'hakausu eh vashaya. Vesht tal'tor shoman nash-veh tehnat temok na'wadanlar - nantaun d'thin-fam na'wak-vel. Veshal wadanlar heh vesht nah-tor nash-veh pa'su'uslar -- nam-tor ish yokulan-kath-vuk. Ritsuri-wuh-set'ko eh su'uslar. Ri nam-tor pa'haulan - nam-tor daya t'saktra-nosh t'nash-veh - heh ki'puk k'kath-vuk na'pa leh tevun.

Po'vesht pak-tor nash-veh leh paundlar du'leh gadlar - rukaun pla eh fa'rak - zherkalar t'nash-veh tash-fam --- klopal nash-veh shetau muhl-bosh. Va'ashiv.

Lu nah-tor nash-veh pa'nash - >hakausu fna'nisaya< wimish -- nam-tor olozhika. Ki'nam-tor olozhika kwon-sum la'ka-yehat korsau nash-veh.

Dotoran nash-veh sa'ovaun ek reh nen-bloglar - palikaun i.
I haven't been blogging very much lately, for a few reasons. I have been working a lot - on top of my job, I have started watching an adorable boy with autism.

I have also been having a lot of trouble with my eating - I have been, during this new year, teetering between recovery and disaster. I found myself sitting against the wall for hours, gazing mindlessly at the clock. Hours passed and I thought about numbers - that's what my eating disorder is. Obsession, and numbers. It's not about body image - it is a symptom of my autism, and I have struggled with it for about ten years now.

After losing ten more pounds in a week and a half, going back and forth, and feeling out of control... I have decided to get better. Again.

When I think about it, I call it "recovery through reason" - it is logic. Logic has always been there to save me.

I plan on updating all three of my main blogs more often from now on, starting now.

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