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Sunday, March 25, 2012

Yeht'es t'Nash-veh - My Truth

Na'shaya. Yeht'es t'Nash-veh nash-la. Du'steh-gad - nam-tor nash-blog svi'tapan. Wuh'lau-gish telv-tor natya-nahp t'nash-veh. Wuh'lau-gish isha putan-tor dvel --- telv-tor aifa-nahp svi'Vuhlkansu - il svi'Eingelsu. Dungi mesukh-tor nash-veh vi'Vuhlkansu karflar t'kitau-tanaf - ma tu tranush sanu.
Welcome. This is My Truth. Over the next week this blog will be a work in progress, but one may expect to read about many different things that I think about. One may also expect to be given a choice - to read these musings in English, or in Vulcan. I will also be translating fragments of literature into Vulcan, so please be patient.

T'Laina wimish - heh vesht blog nash-veh na'Vibrant Oxymoron palikauk. Dungi blogan nash-veh isha - hi tvunan mesukhlar vi'nash-shi.
My name is T'Laina, and I originally blogged at Vibrant Oxymoron. I will also be blogging there, but am moving my translations to this location.

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